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Monday, November 11, 2013

Bill O'Reilly vs. The Obamacare Navigators

Last night (November 11, 2013) on the O'Reilly factor, Bill O'Reilly uses the hidden "investigations" from Project Veritas ran by James O'Keefe.  In the report, it is shown that the Obamacare navigators encourage a "client" to not file all of their income because the "client" did not report the extra income from cleaning houses, cutting friends' hair, etc.  Another navigator told a "client" to not report his tobacco use.  However, there are several problems with O'Reilly's claim that there was fraud in the first instance and deceit in the second case.

Obamacare Grandfathered Plans

Glenn Kessler, a Washington Post Fact Checker, attempts to make sense of President Obama's promise that "if you like your plan, then you can keep it."  Kessler concludes that the Obama Administration cannot simply blame the insurance companies for not grandfathering insurance plans because the reason such plans are not grandfathered is due to the fact that the cutoff date to do so began 3.5 years before Obamacare was fully implemented.  Thus, the problem was how the law was written, not that insurance companies were trying to deliberately find ways to limit consumers on grandfathered plans because it did not serve the company's best interest.  On the surface this is a logical argument to make and worth looking into.  However, Kessler fails to dig deep into the actions of the insurance companies and he draws the wrong conclusion from the evidence that he lays out to make his case against the Obama Administration.